Peyote Help

This page includes the stitches that are in most of my patterns along with finishing basics and instructions for peyote starter strips.

Two drop even and odd count, work up the same way as regular even/odd count peyote, except you use two beads instead of one.

Supplies & Tools I use myself:

  • Thread: Fireline 6lb or 4lb strength, crystal and smoke (the fishing kind is same as beading kind, just less) I usually get it in 300 yards. (hardly ever knots, but is a stiffer thead, and more expensive) A very strong thread/cord. Does not need a conditioner, it naturally is anti-tangle.
  • C-lon Thread: Size AA similar to 4lb fireline, and D similar to 6lb fireline. Way cheaper than fireline, including the cost of thread conditioner. But it does tend to knot and tangle, if not careful. It also likes to snag on sharp objects such as nails, which can make it fray. A strong thread. Firemountaingems Article
  • Thead Heaven for C-Lon Thread (I don’t recommend this for black or dark patterened designs as it comes off on beads)
  • Scissors – Fiskars. Cuts through fireline easily. A kids pair works perfectly.
  • Thread burner: Forget the expensive “Beader’s Thread Burners” this works perfectly and is a third the cost, and comes with extra burner replacment tip! Berkley Hot Line Cutter
  • Seed Beads: Delicas 11/0
  • Needles: John James Long 10 and 12 Beading Needles. I sometimes use the shorter 10s too.
  • Workstation: A baking tray that I spray painted that I can add my little plastic circle trays to (with a little magnet) that keeps them in place.

Maddiethekat’s own tutorials:

Even Count Peyote Stitch Instructions: (what 99% percent of my patterns require)

Even Count 2-Drop Peyote Stitch Instructions: (Required for my new bracelet cuffs)

Peyote Starter Strip Instructions:(Great for starting patterns quickly and keeping them straight. What I use on all my wordcharts/patterns)

 More Instructive links: