2-Drop Peyote Starter Strip

What you will need for a 2-drop peyote starter strip:

  • Knowledge of 2-drop peyote
  • Thread, I used 6lb test fireline
  • Needle, #10 or #12 will work just fine
  • Stop bead (not necessary, but makes it easier and keeps beads from falling off) I used a 2mm swarovski pearl bead
  • 11/0 Delicas. I used ones that are from a stash I have that I save from my bead projects

Why starter strips are so awesome:

  • You can start your projects much faster since you don’t have to worry about combining the first two rows
  • Starts your work straight right away
  • Helps keep a better tension
  • Removes the confusion of beginning a 2-drop peyote project since you don’t have to worry about which row is on which side (especially useful for more detailed/multi-colored projects)

To Begin:

Using 80 inches of fireline (thread), leave about a ten inch tail running from your stop bead.1String 60 beads (40 needed for most of my 2 inch cuffs, but I like my starter strips longer than the project I am working on)2Start working 2-drop Peyote and work to the end of row, doesn’t really matter if rows go toward different sides as this isn’t for a design, so doesn’t need to line up perfectly. Keep tension not too loose and not too tight. Remove stop bead when complete with the row.3Work 12 more 2-drop peyote rows keeping tension firm but natural. Do not allow it to be too loose because you will be repeatedly pulling strings out of this work when removing your projects. Try to keep your work as straight as possible, as again, you will be using this to start projects, so you want those straight too.4Tugging on the tail thread and then smoothing out/flattening the beads with fingers now and again helps in straightening out the strip.05

6End each thread. I don’t like to put knots in my work, so I just follow the natural path in the beadwork all the way to about 4 beads short of the end and then cut threads.

And your done! Keep scrolling down if you would like to see the starter strip in action.

Beginning a 2-drop peyote project on a starter strip

Get a comfortable amount of working thread that you are going to use for your new project and string on a needle. Pass through a couple of beads leading up to and out the first two peyote beads that are more up than poking down. It does not matter which side of strip that you start on.7

8Start your peyote stitching pattern, either wordchart or graph form. If using a word chart remember that two beads go in between each gap. You may need to separate the wordchart in your head a little (add/subtract/sort/group) in order to get the next two beads you need. The example shown started easy since it begins with all the same color delica beads.9

10Work several rows until work is straight and you have something to hold onto. I did 22 rows. (Although the last picture when unzipping shows it longer, since I retook some pictures to make them clearer)

Next, using your needle, pull out the tail thread from the starter strip and unzip it (pull out) from between the starter strip bead and project beads a little at a time until the tail thread is free and your bead project has been completely separated from the starter strip.11




15There you are, started up a 2-drop peyote project quickly, easily and your work is straight. Well done!