Maddiethekat’s FAQ:


11/0 delica beads are recommended for these patterns. However, you can substitute seed beads instead. The size may be larger though, unless using size 15/0, which will make the finished item smaller.

All my patterns are available as kits as well, which include all the beads you need + extras to complete each project.

Fireline 6lb or 4lb strength. I mainly use 6lb strength (crystal or smoke on dark backgrounds) on my flat peyote projects. It is very strong, almost never frays or gets tangled.

C-Lon Thread, size B or D. It is a very strong thread, but you will probably want to use a thread conditioner to prevent tangling and knots.

If ordered, a kit will come with 78 yards of size D C-lon thread.

I highly recommend peyote starter strips, especially for wordchart patterns! I have a 3 inch one and a larger 12 inch one that I beaded up. They ensure that you start your work quickly, keep your work straight, and keep the confusion out when starting up. I always use them when doing flat peyote. Best part is that you can make them yourself from leftover beads.

Link is below for instructions on how to start beadscape wordcharts with a starter strip, or without.

Click here

Confused or need further help? Feel free to contact me.

A good resource for bead weaving (mostly peyote related) learning can be found here: Peyote Help

Unless shown with a back, it does not. However, if you would like me to design a back for a certain pattern, please contact me. There will be a small charge. If ordering a kit, the price will increase to allow for all the beads on front and back.

Due to time constraints, I no longer accept custom orders.

If you ever finish one of my patterns (that you have purchased) and e-mail me a picture of the completed item, you can pick any 1 pattern on my web site for free.

Just e-mail me your free pattern choice with the included picture. Thanks so much!

Please include any information you want included, in case I list it as an example. Thank you so much!


No instructions for brick, peyote stitch or loom are included. Basic knowledge of peyote is required. May also need knowledge of how to decrease and increase with brick stitch.

Instructions for finishing/adding clasp/necklace/hanging loops, etc. Although a good resource for bead weaving (mostly peyote related) learning can be found in on my Peyote Help section.

Extra beads for fringe, strap, etc.




If necessary, I can print out patterns. There is a small extra charge for supplies and shipping costs.