Flamingo Small Tapestry Beaded PanelFlamingo Small Tapestry Beaded Panel

Flamingo Small Tapestry Beaded Panel


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Did you know? Adult flamingos can measure 4 to 5 feet and weigh between 4 and 8 pounds; the lack of weight allowing them to fly. They are very social birds, known to flock in groups of hundreds or more.

This flamingo panel measures 2 1/4 x 5 inches, which includes hanging strap. (Only about 3.75 inches in height without strap) This was made out of 13 handpicked colors of delica seed beads. The main color is a sea opal and matte white, which really compliment the pinks and peachy hues.

The mini tapestry has a peyote beaded dowel on top and bottom. The strap is made out seed beads and swarovski pearls in coordinating and complimentary colors.

This is one of a kind and a beautiful piece of miniature beaded art. Made to last and really looks lovely hanging on the wall or even an ornament stand or anything else you can probably think of!

Designed and made by me.

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